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Additional Value Added Solutions

What We Offer

Health, Life, Dental and Vision benefits that work for you.


Most life insurance policies are not designed for your life. How comfortable are you with your policy design?

Are you 100% comfortable with the financial future of yourself and your family? What about 90%? 75%? 50%?

If you are not quite sure how comfortable you are with what you have planned, we can help.

We are able to offer the best plans possible for all your needs. We will make it easy for you to decide what types of policies are needed for the parts of your life that are most important to you.

We make sure that when you are asked the question, "How comfortable are you with your financial future?" you will not hesitate to say anything less than 100%.


With pension offerings on the decline, you may want to consider a fixed income component to your financial strategy. In short, adding an annuity may be an opportunity to help ensure a portion of your retirement income will be guaranteed.


Decide on a Medicare Supplement Plan that’s right for you.

Health care decisions are a major concern for new retirees. Should you stay in Original Medicare and get a Supplement Plan — or get a Medicare Advantage Plan? Which Supplement Plan or Advantage Plan is in YOUR best interest? How can I make sure I can afford my premiums for the rest of my life? We provide guidance to help you address all of these questions.

Final expenses

No one wants to leave burial debt as a legacy. Preparing for your final expenses now will allow those you love to have proper mourning and closure.


Health and life benefits that work for you.

We believe those who work hard deserve the very best in life. Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of our clients by providing information, benefits, tools, and services to help you and your family meet and exceed your goals for living a healthy and fulfilled life.

Daily Care Options

Daily care platform for routine screenings and doctor office visits that fit your needs and budget.

  • Guaranteed Issue

Additional Health Options

Pick and choose additional coverage that compliments your medical coverage.

Dental/ Vision

Dental and vision plans to fit your needs

Why do I need dental and vision insurance coverage?

If you are in the market for dental and vision insurance and find yourself asking, "Why do I need it?" consider the advantages to your overall health. Our oral and ocular health can be key indicators in detecting early stages of many health risks and diseases along with preventing many other health issues.

Ameritas understands that your needs are unique

We're committed to finding you the dental and vision plans that meets your needs. Our PrimeStar dental and vision insurance plans offer affordable coverage with instant free online quotes, coverage for individuals 18+ (including seniors), no online enrollment fees and the Ameritas dental network.

PrimeStar dental insurance plans also offer:

  • Two dental exams and cleanings per year
  • Up to $2,000 calendar year Maximum Benefit
  • Ameritas ​dental ​network with ​more than ​471,000 access points nationwide


Dental plans that make you smile.

A healthy smile is an important part of your overall health and wellness plan. If you’re searching for a dental plan to protect your smile, Medico Insurance Company Dental plans offer many flexible options to fit your needs. From simple dental only plans to comprehensive dental protection with added vision and hearing benefits, Medico Dental Insurance provides the protection you need to stay healthy — and that's something to smile about!

Medico dental plans feature:

  • The freedom to choose any provider
  • No health questions on application
  • Outstanding customer service

PrimeStar vision insurance plans also offer:

  • One exam each year
  • No waiting periods for immediate coverage
  • VSP or EyeMed networks for the greatest savings

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