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Thank you for your interest in the Prodigy College Planning Workbook!

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Why you should buy our Workbook, and what you get.

Let’s face it, no one generally buys anything without first asking – what am I getting, and what’s the cost? So what do you get when you purchase our “Avoiding the College Planning Trap” Instructional Manual and Workbook?


    • You will get over 60 pages of critical information derived from 100’s of individual sources but, all at your fingertips, saving you endless hours of combing through books, websites and other countless resources looking for the information you really need.


    • You will learn the skills necessary to avoid the College Planning Trap. You and your student will be prepared to navigate the next 4 years of college with certainty regarding choice of school and major, as well as, the entire financial aid landscape including applying for financial aid, appeals, and how to file exceptions to institutional financial aid awards and ask for more free money.


  • Go to the “Buy Here” tab and hit the drop down “Look Inside” to go to the “Look Inside” page where you can download a preview of the “Avoiding the College Planning Trap” Instructional Manual and Workbook.”

“What-Will-College-Cost Estimate” by College Cost Navigator©

You will also receive based upon information that you provide, a personalized “What-Will-College-Cost Estimate Report” for up to five (5) colleges/universities of your choice.

    • This detailed report is generated utilizing the College Cost Navigator© an exclusive proprietary college planning software program that can compare an abundance of college academic and financial criteria for student families!
    • The College Cost Navigator© processes information on over 7,000 postsecondary institutions in the United States - such as programs offered, retention and graduation rates, prices, aid available, degrees awarded, campus safety, and accreditation!


    • The College Cost Navigator© Report will provide you with information rich financial scenario reports on each of your selected schools to help you make wise informed decisions, save money, and give you peace of mind in your college selection!


  • The College Cost Navigator© Report includes information on the estimated “Costs of Attendance,” “Parent Contribution,” “Students Contribution,” “Expected Financial Contribution,” and what your child may qualify for in Grants, Scholarships and Work Study programs for each college/university that you select!
  • Your Report will include the following detailed reports:
      • “What-will-college-cost estimate” which includes estimated student contribution and parents’ EFC, costs of attendance adjusted for inflation, Aid Eligibility for both FM (public) and IM (private) colleges and universities, as well as a real cost of the degree analysis.


      • “Aid Eligibility Comparison Report” which is a side-by-side comparison of Cost of Attendance (COA) adjusted for inflation for each chosen school, Need - Aid Eligibility analysis addressing all aid that one may receive at each of your selected five (5) institutions whether in the form of gift or self-help aid, an 4, 5, or 6 year graduation rate analysis including the percentage (%) of students graduating with debt as well as the average debt per student, and the required financial aid forms required at each institution.


      • “Detailed Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Report” for FM and IM institutions.


      • “What If Report” where we can compare and show hypothetical differences that one can make in your EFC by moving certain financial elements or changes in a family’s circumstances in-and-out of your individual financial aid equation, and includes an easy to read bar graph detailing these hypothetical changes and the effect on your EFC.


      • “Aid Eligibility What-if Comparison Report” using the hypothetical differences that one can make to your EFC, the changes are then applied to each of the five (5) institutions being considered.


Four Year College Admissions Data Hyper-Handbook© Reports

You will also receive collected data found in the College Admissions Data Sourcebook (all four volumes) and the Index of Majors & Sports for each college or university that you selected for the current reported academic year. Each individual College/University Hyper-Handbook Report includes the following unbiased institutional information, which will make your final selection easier:

  • Institutional History & Contact Information:
    • Contact Information for Key Departments and Personnel;
    • Student Body Profiles and Total Campus Enrollment;
  • Admissions:
    • Requirements for admission;
    • Basis for Candidate Selection both Academic and Non-academic;
    • Admissions Procedure;
    • Freshman Class Profile;
    • Student Body Characteristics.
  • Financial:
    • Expenses;
    • Financial Aid;
    • Scholarships and Grants;
    • Loans, and;
    • Student Employment.
  • Academic:
    • Accreditation;
    • Instructional Faculty;
    • Degree Offerings;
    • Majors Leading to Bachelor’s Degree
    • Academic Requirements;
    • Academic Programs;
    • Facilities;
    • Academic Experience, and;
    • Guidance Facilities/Student Services.
  • Extracurricular Activities:
    • Athletics, and;
    • Student Activities and organizations.
  • General (information):
    • Housing;
    • Regulations and Policies;
    • Environment/Transportation, and;
    • Calendar.
  • Download a preview of the Sample Navigator Report below.
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