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Discover What You Should Know When
Preparing for College

We’ve compiled a list of helpful college planning information for you to ace college planning on the road ahead.

Want to Avoid the College Planning Trap?


The “College Planning Trap” is waiting to be sprung on the unsuspecting, uninformed and unprepared. For students and parents that envision a college education, the challenge includes not only academic but financial preparedness. Anything less than this level of readiness, and a student’s journey could be over before it starts.

Prodigy College Planning “Avoiding The College Planning Trap” Instructional Manual and Workbook helps you navigate all aspects of college planning and financing. Our workbook will aid parents and students to actively develop a personalized road map for success. This Workbook not only provides you and your child with critical information at your fingertips and teaches you and your child the skills necessary to avoid the College Planning Trap, and keeps you involved in the entire process.

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