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Many people ask what our unique Logo represents.

The First Triangle represents what parents and students need to do to prepare for college. Preparing for college is a Three Step Process – Identify, Educate, and Research. Identify – is ascertaining what your child’s ideal career and college may be.  Educate – is understanding what those colleges are looking for, including the admission strategies that need to be implemented.  Research – is finding the sources of Financial Aid that you and your child are entitled to; including scholarships and grants, along with worry free funding from various institutions.

The Second Triangle represents Prodigy College Planning’s Three Step Plan - Evaluate, Strategize, and Plan. Evaluate - Schedule a meeting to sit down with us and discover what you and your child want out of their college experience. Strategize - Using the Prodigy College Planning outline and Roadmap we will analyze your current situation and help you determine your college needs.  Plan - Using the Prodigy College Planning outline and Roadmap, you will receive a custom strategy to help you and your child reach their unique college education goals.

Finally, these triangles intersect representing the collaborative relationship between you, your child, and Prodigy College Planning. Let us help you, and your child achieve their academic and career goals. As we like to say at Prodigy College Planning…

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”
― Winston Churchill


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