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Prodigy College Planning is a consultation-based services firm offering impartial and balanced professional college planning from the beginning stages of college planning through a student’s career launch. The professionals at Prodigy College Planning help educate and guide families through the complicated and seemingly daunting process of college planning to ensure the right choice for a child’s future.

Prodigy College Planning recognizes that no two families or students are the same, and that individual needs vary greatly. While some families need help applying for financial aid, others may need to know what the best savings tools for anticipated college costs are. Some families may need to obtain information on which colleges are most cost effective and offer the best financial aid packages, while others may need to strategically reposition key assets to reduce what they may owe for college costs.

Prodigy College Planning offers an assortment of college planning services that can greatly reduce what you’ll pay for college. Our professionals take great pride in customizing strategies and plans for families to help children achieve a higher education. Prodigy College Planning can analyze your financial situation to develop a customized individual plan that allows you to pay tuition bills without going broke, with the least amount of loans possible.

Prodigy College Planning offers an Instructional Workbook that fully prepares parents and students in identifying what tasks need to be completed at each step of the college process. Included in the workbook is “What-Will-College-Cost” reports for any colleges/universities of your choice. This personalized report is generated utilizing an exclusive proprietary college planning software program that compares loads of college academic and financial criteria for each student and their families. The report includes information on the estimated “Costs of Attendance,” “Parent Contribution,” “Students Contribution,” “Expected Financial Contribution,” and what your child may qualify for in Grants, Scholarships and Work Study programs for each college/university that you may select!

Our services are not for every family and unfortunately, we can’t help everyone. We’re very candid and upfront. If we can help you, we will. On the flip side, if we cannot help you, we will tell you that as well. We offer a very strong program and will not take on a client if we cannot make a significant impact on their overall situation. Prodigy College Planning is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating!

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